Managed Wi-Fi offers dependable connectivity

As the need for fast, reliable coverage increases, implementing and maintaining an optimized Wi-Fi infrastructure is no longer a choice, but a requirement. See why companies throughout PA trust BIG to manage and maintain their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Is Your Wi-Fi Network Up for the Demand?

For the first time, wireless is using more bandwidth than wired devices. Wi-Fi connection is no longer “nice to have;” It’s considered the fifth utility and is now a critical part of a company’s infrastructure. Making sure clients’, employees’ and customers’ connection experience is dependable, as well as maintaining the network, will continue to be more crucial to the success of an organization.

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Managed Wi-Fi for Peace of Mind

Managed Wi-Fi services ensure a Wi-Fi network is optimized and dependable, regardless of if the network is cloud or controller based, new or existing. Actively monitored by our 24/7/365 NOC, our team manages usage, spectrum, and network balance to enhance reliability and improve performance. That means everyone can enjoy better connectivity without the headaches of maintaining the system yourself.

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Enterprise-Grade Managed Wi-Fi for Senior Living & Care Facilities

Find out what you need to know about managed Wi-Fi for senior living facilities.

Managed Wi-Fi Capabilities

Network Evaluation and Consideration
Full WLAN/Wi-Fi and Mesh Monitoring
Network Performance Optimization
Affordable Monthly cost
Wi-Fi As a Service

BIG: Premier Managed Wi-Fi Provider in PA

For 30 years, Business Information Group (BIG) has helped companies like yours stay connected through technology. Based in York, Pennsylvania, BIG monitors and manages Wi-Fi networks in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and throughout Central PA.

See what makes us one of the most trusted managed IT and Wi-Fi providers in all of Pennsylvania.

About BIG

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were more than willing to work in our difficult environment of an open and operating amusement park

“The combination of BIG’s design and implementation experience and their structured cabling partner Gettle, really made this daunting project enjoyable. Both entities were more than willing to work in our difficult environment of an open and operating amusement park and were very receptive to our needs, requirements and sometimes changing conditions.”

Sandy Verzella Director of Information Technology, Morey’s Piers

Industries We Serve

We’ve developed deep experience in providing managed Wi-Fi for these industries:

Helpful Resources on Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi Within Senior Living MDUs
Managed Wi-Fi Within Senior Living MDUs

As the “Baby Boomer” generation continues to age, the assisted and senior living industries are seeing substantial growth….

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