Viewpoint Mobile Portal & Custom Applications

Vista by Viewpoint is the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for the construction industry. Thousands of AEC companies rely on Viewpoint to unite accounting, project management, and field reporting into one software platform. However, most construction firms need support to create the reports and customizations that make Viewpoint stand out.

Business Information Group (BIG) is an experienced Viewpoint implementation partner, having spent the last 17 years installing and customizing Viewpoint for hundreds of construction companies across the country. This includes developing custom web applications that make it easier for those in the field to add and pull data from Vista – without needing to log into Vista directly.

Viewpoint Mobile Portal

To better access your custom Viewpoint applications, we’ve developed a Viewpoint Mobile Portal. Combining an easy, intuitive user experience with industry-leading security, this Mobile Portal gives your team a secure, convenient way to access custom reports and applications from any device.

Built into the Mobile Portal is 2-factor authentication (2FA) and any custom SSRS report you want from Vista (with Crystal reports coming soon). Plus, it is customizable to meet your team’s need for mobile access to Vista.


  • Streamlined mobile workflow for your team.
  • Launch custom apps from any device.
  • Securely access reports while in the field.

Expense Logging

Adding receipts and field expenses can be a time-consuming process, involving scanning paper receipts and filling out complex expense reports at the end of the month. With our Expense Logging app, we’ve created a simpler way for team members to add expenses directly to Vista – right when they make a purchase.

Your team simply takes a photo of the receipt, adds a few details about the expense, checks whether the expense is reimbursable, and submits the expense. Additional features include tying purchases to specific company credit cards and specifying if the data needs to be split. Your field team, project managers, and accounting department will all appreciate how simple and streamlined the expense logging process is with this app.

Use the arrows to view more screenshots of the Expense Logging app.

Certifications & Inspections

Managing equipment certifications and inspections can be a manual, labor-intensive process. We’ve developed an application that supports inspections and team members certifications.

This application can verify team certifications for heavy equipment, perform on-the-job certifying & testing, and easily access inspection reports from tablets and mobile devices. Project managers and job foremen can also use this app to find out what crew members are certified for specific equipment.

Use the arrows to view more screenshots of the Certification & Inspection app.

Vendor Scan

Looking for a way to track vendors and subcontractors on your jobsite? We’ve built a system that allows you to scan employee badges to see whether they are permitted on the job site. Project managers can log in to see who is currently on-site, who is authorized, and manage vendor and subcontractor lists.

Use the arrows to view more screenshots of the Vendor Scan app.

LEM Ticketing

A client required additional ticketing features on top of the native labor, equipment, and material (LEM) reporting. We built an application that generates unique ticketing numbers based on their set parameters, on top of the existing information within Vista. All this data now shows up in Vista’s PM Daily Logs, as well as custom reports for each ticket per day.

Use the arrows to view more screenshots of the LEM Ticketing app.

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