November 26, 2019 | Written by: Maura McGowan

The State of Viewpoint Construction Software

What You Need to Know

Lately, it might seem like there have been a lot of changes happening within the construction ERP industry, specifically involving Viewpoint. The construction software company began acquiring other companies and was recently bought out by the larger tech conglomerate Trimble. It’s hard to keep track of which software does what, and if you’re serious about finding and implementing the best construction ERP software for your business, you might be thinking, “Where do I even start?” We can help.

Let’s start with the basics. Viewpoint, a leader in the construction software industry since 1976, provides a completely integrated system that connects “office, team, and field”. With approximately 8,000 clients in over 28 countries, Viewpoint streamlines processes for project managers, engineers, architects, subcontractors, general contractors, project owners, and more. As of 2018, Viewpoint is now part of Trimble, a Saas Technology company.

The office, team, and field categories each have their own software enterprise specific to that department’s daily and long-term needs. Viewpoint connects the three major aspects of a construction company through integrated software in real-time, providing companies easy collaboration between departments, increased productivity, and improved project profitability. Starting in the office, Viewpoint’s ERP platforms cater to all contractor size organizations. Essential business functions such as accounting, human resources, equipment and materials, estimating, and service management have automated software solutions specific to the needs of each department within the office. Moving on to software for project teams, Viewpoint provides a streamlined project management solution that, according to Viewpoint, shares “real-time data across your extended teams of subcontractors, suppliers, architects, [and] owners… allowing projects to be run more quickly, intelligently, and productively.” When it comes to the field, Viewpoint’s jobsite-specific software eliminates the traditional pen and paper method and introduces field and mobile platforms. The intuitive software allows construction companies to examine and share important job-specific data relevant to workers’ roles such as inspections, observations, daily logs, and time capture. Together, these integrated software platforms drastically improve construction companies’ processes, and are equally as powerful when used individually.

At the Office

Viewpoint creates powerful solutions for all aspects of a construction company, helping companies become more efficient from the office, to on-site at a job. Viewpoint’s collection of office software applications includes ProContractor, Estimating, Vista, HR Management, and Spectrum.

Viewpoint Vista

Viewpoint Vista is a fully integrated comprehensive construction accounting suite that helps contractors manage all areas of their business, from the Office, to the Team, and in the Field. Vista enables the seamless centralization of information with complete visibility of all aspects of an organization. As a core package, Vista can be extended with web-based modules for additional flexibility and functionality.

HR Management

Viewpoint HR Management is a web-based Vista module that streamlines routine HR tasks and processes, such as employee benefits, time management, applicant tracking, and new employee onboarding. Formerly known as Keystyle HR Management, this module leverages automated workflows to minimize duplicate entries, reduce errors, and speed up data processing. HR departments can better manage employees both in the office and in the field through automated and streamlined processes.

Viewpoint Spectrum

Viewpoint Spectrum is a complete, web-based construction ERP solution with cutting-edge tools for accounting, project management, equipment and materials management, service management, document control, HR and payroll, inventory, and more. Spectrum allows contractors to work in real time, no matter where work takes them. Formerly Dexter & Chaney, this is the ideal cloud-based ERP for construction firms that aren’t in need of the full Viewpoint Vista platform and ViewpointOne implementation.

In the Field

Jobsites can be chaotic and disorganized; however, Viewpoint provides tools and mobile solutions specifically for field applications. Contractors can receive updates and information pertaining to projects, as well as collect, share, and report data from a jobsite to office personnel. Viewpoint’s collection of “Field” software includes Viewpoint Field View and Viewpoint Field Management.

Viewpoint Field View

Viewpoint Field View helps to provide more clarity, better communication, and increased collaboration between the field and the office. The cloud-based and off-line mobile solution makes it easy for superintendents, foremen, and inspectors to enter data from a mobile device, as well as access pictures and documents from the field. Additionally, Field View gives office personnel the ability to obtain real-time data, document performance, and create operations dashboards to better analyze field data.

Viewpoint Field Management

Viewpoint Field Management makes it easier for field personnel to accurately upload receipts and expenses, create POs, manage the time clock, and other common field entries. The ease of entering the data for field employees gives project managers and business owners a better understanding of what’s happening on jobsites.

For the Team

Collaboration and communication are key attributes to a successful project team. Viewpoint’s software specifically made with project teams in mind make it easy for team members to access information and data whenever, wherever they are and wherever their work takes them. Viewpoint’s “Project Team” software compilation consists of Viewpoint Team and Viewpoint Financial Controls.

Viewpoint Team

Viewpoint Team is a collaborative project management module that integrates with Viewpoint Vista. The project management software allows AEC companies to better plan, coordinate, and control their projects. Viewpoint Team helps you simplify the submittal process, create daily logs, and address issues as they occur. Through web and native mobile tools, this software connects the office and the field, in addition to architects, subcontractors, suppliers, and owners.

Viewpoint Financial Controls

Viewpoint Financial Controls give contractors full visibility between accounting and operations. Real-time data within intuitive portals give necessary parties the right information needed to keep projects moving.

While this may seem like a lot of software integrations to familiarize yourself with and platforms to choose from, Viewpoint covers all the necessary aspects of a construction company. Helping to streamline your processes, make your company more efficient, and ultimately save your organization time and money, Viewpoint software will connect the office, field, and project teams of your organization. If you’re looking for more details on Viewpoint’s wide array of software, or if you need assistance choosing the platform that will best fit you needs, the Software Consultants at Business Information Group can help. Our team of dedicated developers create customized experiences for our clients, allowing information to be delivered on time at the right time.