L.S. Lee

York, PA

L.S. Lee, Inc. specializes in the installation and maintenance of highway guardrail products, impact attenuators, highway signs, and pedestrian handrail systems. Started in 1968, is a fourth generation privately owned company with facilities in York, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, VA.


L.S. Lee has multiple locations and they were all using tape backup. It was difficult to manage the backups at the additional locations and remote management was not possible with tapes. In addition backups were running all night and sometimes into the next day and there was no way to confirm that the backup was successful unless you tested it which was time consuming.


L.S. Lee relied on their long term relationship with BIG as well as Barracuda, they had already implemented the Barracuda web filter with success which gave them insight into Barracuda’s product line and reliability. L.S. Lee and BIG decided the best solution based on their environment was the Barracuda Backup Server.


Since implementing the Barracuda Backup Server, L.S. Lee now has a much more reliable and efficient backup. Backup times are much shorter, restores are lighting fast and notifications are sent confirming a successful backup which has provided peace of mind for the staff at L.S. Lee.