Wireless Installation for Dayton Parts Warehouse

Dayton Parts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of truck suspension and undercarriage parts. Based in Shiremanstown, PA, Dayton Parts has 2 manufacturing plants and 7 distribution centers strategically located throughout North America.

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  • Project: Dayton Parts
  • Location: Shiremanstown, PA & Montreal, Canada
  • Services: Wireless


Dayton Parts was moving a Central PA distribution center from downtown Harrisburg to a new, modern, efficiently organized warehouse located in Shiremanstown, Cumberland County. In this new facility, Dayton Parts required fast, ubiquitous wireless connectivity for real-time inventory receiving, put-away, order pick, and shipment processing.


Because Dayton Parts was opening one facility as they were closing another, this project required a lot of coordination with other parties. It also involved a very tight turnaround: 90 days from signed contract to the finished project.

BIG Wireless was able to work with Dayton Parts & other contractors to make sure there was fast, reliable wireless coverage throughout the warehouse. Employees are now able to scan inventory anywhere in the facility without running into a dead spot or weak signal.

Once the Central PA facility was completed, Dayton Parts again contracted with BIG Wireless to outfit their newly acquired distribution facility in Montreal, Quebec with an equally fast and reliable wireless network.

""It was a real pleasure working with BIG Wireless. Despite our very short project timeline, BIG’s knowledgeable, courteous, and professional staff worked within our schedule and delivered our project on time.”"

Ron Fowler IT Director, Dayton Parts

Project Details

Implementation Date: Winter 2019

Timeline: 90 Days

Equipment Used


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