Eastern York School District

York, PA

Eastern York School District is a rural community located in eastern York County.  With a general population of approximately 17,000, their five schools houses a total of 2,850 students.  Their mission it to Educate, Prepare and Motivate each student to Dream, to Learn and to Achieve through life.


Networks are getting larger and servers are holding more information and at the time, Eastern was using tape backups which was time consuming since it was backing up file by file.  There were times where backups could take days because of the amount of data and because of backup times current information that you may need wasn’t always accessible.  They didn’t feel that with tape they were able to backup consistently and reliably.


Based on the relationship and trust that Eastern had developed with BIG over the years they worked together to determine that the best solution for the district was Veeam.  Veeam has been able to recognize the challenges faced by organizations like Eastern enabling the Always-On Enterprise which allows customers to meet recovery time objectives of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data.


Through the implementation of Veeam, Eastern was able to backup in minutes not hours or days and could restore to a point in time, not a time frame that was days or weeks old.  Because of how well Veeam’s backup solution worked, Eastern York School District implemented disaster recovery using Veeam which created a sense of relief in the event of an outage, Veeam will allow the District to spin up their environment with minimal downtime.