Pinewood Forest Outdoor Wireless Network

Located in the southern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Pinewood Forest is a mixed-use community that will eventually include 700 homes and 600 apartments on 234 acres. This community’s upscale design, amenities, and close proximity to Pinewood Atlanta Studios are uniquely suited for young artists, actors, writers, and creative professionals. Co-living quarters, shared living spaces, and plenty of outdoor living spaces are designed to foster community, social gatherings, and in-person connections.

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  • Project: Pinewood Forest Community
  • Location: Fayetteville, GA
  • Services: Wireless

Creating an Always-Connected Community

The developers of Pinewood Forest view wireless connectivity within their community as a requirement, and just as important a utility as water and electric. They wanted residents to have ubiquitous connectivity throughout the community, whether they are in a home, at the pool, in a shop, or anywhere in the community’s 118 acres of parks and green space.

Project Outcome

Thanks to BIG Wireless, Pinewood Forest has a wireless network that is fast, reliable, and accessible in outdoor public places. Residents can log onto the community WiFi in their home, then take their device outside and still be connected to the same network. This connectivity enhances collaboration and creativity for the writers, artists, and working professionals living in the community.

In addition, Pinewood Forest’s maintenance workers rely on the wireless network to create and track work orders with accurate location information.

Project Details

Implementation Date: August 2019

Timeline: 18 months from planning to implementation

Hardware Used


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