Point-to-Multipoint Distribution

Whether cost savings over leased lines or helping cities address the digital divide, wireless technologies creates opportunity. BIG Wireless has been providing wireless technology solutions for video camera backhaul, digital signage, automated gates, 4.9GHz mobile mesh routing, utility substation “smart-grid” connections, and multi-building connectivity.   

Point-to-multipoint is an affordable alternative to distribute bandwidth from a single point to multiple locations. BIG Wireless has the experience and expertise to address the most complex solutions that help balance bandwidth demands to provide a reliable wireless Point-to-multipoint network.

BIG Wireless offers the following support for point to multipoint distribution:

  • Site Survey and Design
  • Wireless Propagation Studies
  • Installation Support
  • Turn Up and Testing
  • Field Maintenance
  • 24/7/365 NOC Support

Solution Considerations

Advancements in technology transform the way we live, wireless point-to-multipoint is the perfect solution to  provide reliable connectivity to support the critical data needs of today’s end users.  BIG Wireless supports all parts of the project helping deliver data services in a more convenient method than ever before.

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