Point-to-Multipoint Distribution

When you need to connect multiple remote locations back to a base station, point-to-multipoint distribution is right for you. See how BIG Wireless can affordably design and install a multipoint distribution network to meet your needs.

Use Cases for Wireless PTMP

A point-to-multipoint wireless network is an affordable option for last mile connectivity for your network. Thousands of organizations use PTMP to connect remote building locations to their network as a cost effective alternative to leased lines or fiber. Utility companies use wireless connectivity to connect substations and create a smart grid. Municipalities, corporations, and schools use point-to-multipoint to connect video surveillance cameras across a city or campus. Other uses include digital signage, automated gates, and 4.9GHz mobile mesh routing.

Ensure all buildings, assets, and users have enough bandwidth and connectivity by adding point-to-multipoint distribution to your network.

Accurately Predict Wireless Coverage and Speed

BIG Wireless – Your Trusted Wireless Network Partner

At BIG Wireless, we’ve spent the last 20+ years helping governments, utilities, and corporations improve connectivity and accessibility across their network. We provide a full turnkey solution for connecting every user and station to your network. Our experienced team takes into account the various obstacles – including other networks, terrain, trees, and buildings – to ensure there is enough bandwidth for each end user.

BIG Wireless offers the following support for point-to-multipoint distribution:

  • icon Site Survey & Design
  • icon Wireless Propogation
  • icon Studies Installation Support
  • icon Turn Up & Testing
  • icon Field Maintenance
  • icon 24/7/365 NOC Support

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