Point-to-Point Backhaul

Are you looking for a solution to connect remote buildings to your network and want to avoid running costly fiber or deal with long lead times for construction? A wireless point-to-point backhaul may be the solution. Today’s wireless backhaul solutions provide fiber speeds with the same level of security. Find out how BIG Wireless can design and implement a cost-effective PTP wireless connection for your network.

Is Point-to-Point Right for You?

A wireless network featuring microwave backhaul is used in many situations. It is often used to connect remote towers or buildings that require connectivity and installing fiber or leasing lines is too cost prohibitive.

Public safety organizations, local and county governments, school districts, carriers, utilities, and ISPs all frequently leverage wireless backhaul for their network needs. These companies and organizations see microwave backhaul as a quick and cost-effective solution in building voice and data backhaul capabilities into their network.

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Point-to-Point can connect distant buildings and remote towers to your central network.

Considerations for a PTP Backhaul


A typical PTP backhaul project requires multiple towers, rooftops, or even water towers. We work with property owners and governments to find and secure the rights for placing assets.


When necessary, we use licensed radios, which require FCC approval. In other situations, we can use radios that do not require FCC approval.

Installation & Configuration

Installing a PTP wireless link is a specialty, involving configuring the radios, climbing towers, aligning dishes and antennas, sweeping the lines, and monitoring the network – all so you can enjoy maximum performance.

Types of PTP Installations

Outdoor Radio

The least expensive to install, these radios are fed by CAT5/6 and feature all the electronics mounted directly to the back of or next to the microwave.


Split Mount Radio

For networks that need more than just Ethernet/IP, the split mount radio is an option. This features an outdoor dish and RF unit, along with an internal unit installed in a rack in the building or shelter, with coax cable connecting the two.


Indoor Radio

For certain installations and user needs, we recommend an indoor radio. This type of radio requires installation of elliptical waveguide connecting the dish to the radio in the shelter.

BIG Wireless – Experienced PTP Installers

For over 20 years, BIG Wireless has been designing and installing microwave backhaul links for businesses, towns, counties, and utilities. We can provide a full turnkey solution for your wireless network needs, from site surveys, engineering, FCC coordination, installation, maintenance, and monitoring.

BIG Wireless offers the following support for backhaul:

  • icon Wireless Survey and Design
  • icon Site Audits
  • icon In-house Tower Climbers
  • icon Turn Up & Testing
  • icon Post Installation Maintenance Support
  • icon 24/7/365 NOC Support

Trusted, Dependable Network Partners

BIG Wireless has partnered with industry leading manufacturers – including NEC, Nokia, Radwin, Seimens/Ruggedcom, Siklu, Bridgewave, and Cambrium – to provide highly reliable backhaul solutions to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. The team of engineers that staff our NOC and the maintenance programs offered provide peace of mind that BIG Wireless is available to support your mission-critical network in the event of an outage.

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