September 30, 2019

Cybersecurity In One Platform

When it comes to cybersecurity, organizations often lack the resources and manpower necessary to manage such operations. However, not acting on security will leave businesses in extremely vulnerable positions for cyber-attacks. For businesses where hiring a team of security experts is unrealistic, there are still options. AlienVault USM Anywhere is a platform that detects threats, responds quickly to incidents, and manages security compliance. Organizations can rely on BIG’s Security Analysts to implement and monitor networks and devices using Alien Vault USM Anywhere.

Recognizing not all organizations have an IT security team in-house, BIG takes AlienVault USM Anywhere and delivers a superior security service for businesses that need centralized security monitoring. Specifically designed to run on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V in order to monitor cloud, on-premise, and hybrid IT environments, several features can be customized and chosen based on the needs of an organization. Easily integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure-based applications, security management is centrally located within one tool allowing ease of access and monitoring of your critical infrastructure. Essential security components such as vulnerability assessment, asset discovery, intrusion detection, and applied behavior analytics are implemented when BIG begins our security implementation.

Responding to cybersecurity issues in an effective, timely manner is the top priority for BIG’s Security Analysts. Powerful security incident response templates from USM Anywhere allows our team to respond to cyber threats quickly and aggressively. With USM Anywhere’s robust resources, BIG can enhance your security monitoring and reporting with data visualization, automatic action responses, and composition of incident response. With continuous threat intelligence, your environment is constantly being monitored for emerging security threats – with no effort from you required. Additionally, BIG is able to examine security breaches and incidents easier and faster through USM Anywhere’s advanced search and analysis, making compliance and security reporting a breeze.

With the constantly evolving threat landscape of today, it can be difficult for companies without cybersecurity knowledge to keep up. With the flexibility and scalability of USM Anywhere, along with BIG’s team of Security Analysts, organizations of any size can feel confident their infrastructure and devices are always secured and monitored. To learn more about BIG’s Cyber Security services and AlienVault USM Anywhere, contact us.