April 11, 2018

MSP Partner Badge.To enable security for clients and to help mitigate risk, Business Information Group has established a partnership with Duo, a cloud-based, two-factor authentication that verifies the identity of users and the health of their devices before allowing them access to their applications.

With four different cost-effective levels of protection, you can start protecting your company today for as little as $3 per user per month. Protection levels start with base two-factor and then scales with additional features like the ability to identify risky devices, control of what endpoints have access using security policies, and identifying corporate vs personal devices.

Duo offers six different types of authentication methods including Duo Mobile, Soft Token, SMS, Phone Callback, Hardware Token, and U2F Token. This gives all employees the ability to use Duo no matter what their position and limitations are.

At BIG, we know it’s important to invest in new security solutions so our clients can keep up with ever-changing technology and protect against increased threats, particularly regarding remote access and cloud based applications. Adding two factor authentication using Duo is an important addition to a client’s security portfolio,” said Mike Nitchman, BIG’s VP of Network Operations. “Not only have we partnered with Duo for our clients, we utilize their services in-house.”

With 10,000+ customers and 20+ patents, Duo makes security easy and effective.

To learn how to set up Duo for your business, contact BIG today.