July 31, 2018

Effective protection you can count on, in just minutes

YORK, PA (26 July 2018) – Internet security is more important than ever before. Malware and internet attacks have become more prevalent and difficult to combat with confidence. Any internet accessible device can be affected by these attacks and can cost a company or individual an exuberant amount of money to recover.

Cisco has created a reliable, cost effective solution for your internet security needs, called Cisco Umbrella. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-delivered platform enabling visibility and enforcement, for both on and off your corporate network, serving as the first line of defense against impending threats. Using live threat intelligence, versus static feeds, provides the most comprehensive coverage on all ports and protocols to defend your network from malware infections and breaches. With Umbrella you obtain a secure and reliable internet gateway, with the fastest system to identify and investigate threats on the internet.

Cisco Umbrella is easy to use and can be set up with little hassle to your users. Administrators are alerted of threats before they start, and Umbrella resolves them before they become a problem. Umbrella simultaneously protects your users, apps, and connected devices no matter where they are. Reducing the number of malware attacks on your network increases staff efficiencies and an increase in internet speed.

Cisco’s diverse, current and global datasets are the upmost importance to Umbrella’s success. Cisco collects more than 125 billion internet requests from over 100 million enterprise and consumer users in 160 countries every day, the instant a request is made. This enables Umbrella to stay ahead of Malware attackers and protect its users with ease. Some questions you should be asking yourself might include: when’s the last time we checked our internet security solution, how well is it performing, how easy is it to access the data, and how hard is it to deploy and update?

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