Streamlining Estimation and Operations with TCO

E.J. Breneman, a specialty subcontractor with a focus on soil cement, lime drying, soil drying, and site preparation for warehouses, has been in business for 75 years, operating under its current name for the past seven years. The company is active in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey.

Role of Jake Rhody

Jake Rhody, the Senior Estimator at E.J. Breneman, is responsible for overseeing all bids, handling billing, managing IT, and acquiring new projects. With 40 field employees and 8 office staff, Rhody plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company’s smooth operation

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E.J. Breneman
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TCO Migration

Transition to Trimble Construction One

E.J. Breneman’s journey involved transitioning from an on-premise Viewpoint Vista solution to the cloud-based Trimble Construction One (TCO). This shift aimed to address the challenges faced with the on-premise system and leverage the benefits offered by a cloud-based solution.

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Benefits of TCO for E.J. Breneman

According to Jake Rhody, TCO is helping E.J. Breneman achieve its business objectives. The cloud solution has proven to be user-friendly, ensuring easy access, seamless updates, and efficient handling of various tasks such as payroll, daily invoices, billing, and job management. The transition from Vista to TCO was seamless, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

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Challenges with On-Premise Vista

The decision to move from on-premise Vista to TCO was prompted by the realization that the on-premise solution wasn’t going to be around forever. Rhody mentioned that there were no significant issues with on-premise Vista, but the desire to keep up with support and take advantage of potential cost savings influenced the decision to make the transition.

The buying process involved collaboration with BIG’s business development associate Chad Thimons, a Trimble Viewpoint representative, and Jake. The transition was carefully managed with weekly meetings involving representatives from all parties. Rhody highlighted that the process was similar to Vista in most aspects, with the only notable change being the login method. The involvement of key team members, including the Accounting Manager, ensured a smooth transition.

Usage and Impact

E.J. Breneman has been using Trimble Construction One since July 2023. The product is actively used by five licenses, including the Estimator (Rhody himself), Accounting Manager, Vice President, HR Coordinator, and Contract Admin and Accounting Admin.

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Recommendation and Satisfaction

When asked about recommending TCO and Business Information Group, Jake Rhody expressed a resounding “Absolutely.” He emphasized that TCO has been a great addition to their operations, and they are pleased with the performance and support provided by both parties.

E.J. Breneman’s successful transition from on-premise Vista to Trimble Construction One reflects the positive impact of embracing cloud-based solutions to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and achieve better collaboration across various departments within the organization.

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TCO has been a great addition to our operations.

“TCO has been a great addition to our operations, and we are pleased with the performance and support provided by both parties.”

Jake Rhody Senior Estimator, E.J. Beneman

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