Cloud Services

Each year, more businesses move their software, infrastructure, and other IT services to a cloud-based solution. See how businesses like yours are saving time, adding valuable resources, and improving scalability by investing in cloud-hosted services.

Benefits of Cloud Services

The traditional model of on-prem IT infrastructure is being quickly replaced by Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), cloud-hosted software applications, and automatic off-site backups.

By moving to the cloud, companies of all sizes are giving their teams better flexibility and improved collaboration with access to real-time data – no matter where they are. Cloud services enable internal IT staff to focus on other issues while moving associated IT costs from a capital expenditure to a more manageable operating expense.

Cloud Based Options

With popular cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, it has never been easier for companies to incorporate the cloud into their technology stack.


Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud-based infrastructure is flexible and infinitely expandable, so you can adapt your infrastructure to your needs in real-time.


Cloud-Based Software

Run your mission-critical software like Viewpoint or core applications on the cloud, freeing you from the burden of hosting, managing, and maintaining the software.


Cloud Security

It is crucial to protect yourself, employees, customers, and company from malware and suspicious activity. Cloud-based security solutions allow for centralized management, monitoring, and real-time updates of your firewall, filtering, and threat detectors.


Managed Services

A cloud-based solution still requires monitoring, security, and updates to ensure your systems are protected and performing as expected.

Select the Right Cloud Service Partner

There are numerous components that factor into a successful switch to the cloud, including design, engineering, and the migration process – all of which pose risk. Issues with the design and implementation can lead to team frustration, sleepless nights, and days of downtime. Once a cloud service is launched, active monitoring for potential performance or security issues is still required.

If you are considering a cloud-based solution, make sure to partner with an experienced company that has a proven track record. Business Information Group’s team of certified Network Engineers are experienced in the architecture, implementation, and management of cloud solutions including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Business Information Group – Connecting What Matters Most

For the last 28 years, Business Information Group has been supporting Central PA businesses with the latest technologies to streamline their operations.

With cloud services, BIG is helping companies improve collaboration, business efficiencies, and security while adding a competitive edge. Rely on BIG’s team of in-house cloud engineers, including certified Microsoft Azure Administrators, to create a cloud solution that’s right for your company’s needs.

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