Find and exploit existing vulnerabilities with a Pen Test

For most businesses, keeping confidential information secure is priority. A strong offense is key to enabling a secure line of defense between your business and the extensive list of cyberthreats that exist today. See how penetration testing is crucial in identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in your company’s network.

What is Penetration Testing?

Identifying and knowing where weaknesses live within your system is key to preventing attacks before they happen. A penetration test, or pen test, is a cybersecurity exercise used to find and exploit existing vulnerabilities within an IT environment. By simulating a cyber-attack, pen tests pinpoint gaps in a system’s defense that cybercriminals can easily prey on.

Our certified ethical hackers use the practices and tactics of real-world cybercriminals to target improper configurations, server and application bugs, and risky end-user behaviors. Pen tests are performed using manual or automated techniques to safely compromise servers, endpoints, applications, networks, and devices.

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Benefits of Penetration Testing

Pen tests identify network vulnerabilities while enhancing businesses’ security practices, reducing cyber risk, and facilitating compliance. Businesses gain better insight into what an attacker could target to gain access to environments and systems. Pen testing also offers actionable recommendations and further guidance for remediation, helping businesses improve operational efficiency along the way.

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