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Streamline Your Business with Viewpoint Construction Management Software

Keeping track of your growing construction company can be difficult. The growing pains experienced by new, larger projects, increased staffing, and more complex processes can result in confusion and lost revenue.

By switching to a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, you can streamline your processes, improve collaboration, and create better systems for tracking your team, projects, and costs.

Viewpoint: Powerful Construction Management Software

Viewpoint is the construction industry’s leading suite of management software. Uniting accounting, project management, and collaboration between teams, Viewpoint gives you tremendous value in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and speed.


Project Management

Field Reporting

Vista by Viewpoint is the core package, which can be adapted and customized to fit your company’s needs. Additional software products include:

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Viewpoint Team

Viewpoint Field View

Viewpoint HR Management

Viewpoint Field Management


Combining Office, Team, and Field, ViewpointOne provides your team with the full functionality and input available in Viewpoint — wherever in the world they are. Team members can access, share, and enter project data from the field or office, which increases collaboration, efficiency, and real-time reporting.

As a cloud-based ERP solution, ViewpointOne frees your team from the burden of hosting, managing, and maintaining the software. ViewpointOne includes Office, Team, and Field, and you can extend the product further with additional modules and functionalities.

  • One Dataset - Connect department operations in a single dataset.
  • Software That Grows with You - Select the software that fits the needs of your evolving business.
  • Updates Made Easy - Your time is valuable. Allow someone else to handle tedious product upgrades and software hosting.

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Vista is a fully-integrated comprehensive construction accounting suite that helps contractors manage all areas of their business — from the Office, among the Team and in the Field. Vista features leading-edge solutions for accounting, project management, business intelligence, project collaboration, mobile, estimating, document management, service management and more.

Centralize information with total visibility throughout your entire organization through Vista. As a core package, Vista can be extended with web-based modules for additional flexibility and functionality.

  • Project Visibility and Collaboration - Link office, field, and project teams to get the full picture of a project.
  • Improve Project Outcomes - Standardize workflows and improve project quality.
  • Profit Maximization - Efficiently track and manage RFI’s and transmittals to meet project deadlines.

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Spectrum, a web-based ERP software, gives contractors the ability to work in real-time from anywhere. Spectrum applications are equipped with cutting-edge tools for all departments. From accounting, HR and payroll, to inventory, service, and materials management, Spectrum construction ERP software provides contractors full visibility into the scope of each and every project.

Formerly Dexter & Chaney, Spectrum is the ideal cloud-based ERP for smaller construction firms who don’t need the full Vista or ViewpointOne implementation.

  • Get Smart - Utilize specific tools and workflows created with contractors’ needs in mind.
  • Simplify Processes - Improve team collaboration and enable real-time work through the fully integrated, web-based software.
  • Improve You Bottomline - Enhanced project oversight allows for on-time projects, fewer delays, and diminished risks.

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Viewpoint Team

Viewpoint Team is a collaborative project management module that integrates with Vista. It allows AEC companies to better plan, coordinate, and control their projects.

Viewpoint Teams helps you simplify the submittal process, create daily logs, and address issues when they happen. Through web and native mobile tools, Viewpoint Team connects the office and field, as well as the architect, subcontractors, suppliers, and owners.

  • Interconnected Processes - Seamless integration of operations, accounting, and project management.
  • Improved Collaboration - Real time collaboration, data, and decisions among the team.
  • Better Projects - Deliver profitable projects on schedule.

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Viewpoint Field View

A lack of real-time data & accountability, duplication, and communication breakdowns can lead to increased risks, greater issues, and cost overruns. Field View for Viewpoint can provide greater clarity, communication, and collaboration between the field and office.

Get rid of the traditional, inefficient pen and paper method in the field, and embrace Viewpoint Field View, the off-line mobile application that’s completely cloud-based. Field View makes it easy for superintendents, foreman, and inspectors to enter data from a mobile device as well as access photos and documents from the field. It also allows back office staff to obtain real-time data, document performance, and create operations dashboards to better analyze field data.

  • Quality - Reduce mistakes and reworks and improve overall quality control.
  • Safety - Promote safe jobsites with streamlined inspections and risk identification, in real-time.
  • Turn-Key Handover - Seamlessly closeout jobsites by logging incomplete tasks and identifying defects before final walkthroughs..

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Viewpoint HR Management

Viewpoint HR Management is a web-based Vista module that streamlines routine HR tasks and processes. Through a self-service portal, your team can enter their own data, freeing up the HR team from manual data entry and requests.

Formerly known as Keystyle HR Management, this module leverages automated workflows to minimize duplicate entry, reduce errors, and speed up data processing.

  • Streamlines Processes - Easier onboarding, expense reporting, and requesting time off.
  • Automate Workflows - Automating approvals, communication, and requests.
  • Empower Employees - Improve communication and self-service

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Viewpoint Field Management

Every project relies on accurate data from the field. Equip your field team to provide the right data into Vista with Viewpoint Field Management.

Viewpoint Field Management makes it easier for the field to upload receipts & expenses, create POs, manage the time clock, and other common field entries. By making it easier to capture this data, you can have a more accurate understanding of what’s happening on the jobsite.

  • Instant Updates - Record data as it happens, in real-time.
  • Better Project Insight - Giving the office and management up-to-date info on the project.
  • Improved Forecasting - Make better decisions about the project.

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Experienced Viewpoint Implementation Partner

At Business Information Group, we’ve spent the last 25 years supporting the construction industry, and 17 years in partnership with Viewpoint. By implementing and customizing Viewpoint for hundreds of construction companies across the country, our team of 30+ has developed the experience and skill to tailor Viewpoint to your particular needs.

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Comprehensive Viewpoint Sales & Support

From sales and implementation to customization and training, we provide continual support for you and your team.

  • Procure and implement hardware and infrastructure

  • Install and configure software

  • Evaluate and establish backup policies

  • Company-wide and individual training

  • Project management and supplemental IT support

Just Purchased Vista?

BIG has the staff and capability to support existing Viewpoint Construction Software customer needs, including:

Converting and importing data from legacy accounting software into Vista

Training and implementation of Vista, and supporting modules and products


Switching to an ERP — or moving from one ERP to another — is a large project. We’ve created resources to assist you as you make your decision. If your company is considering an ERP, be sure to download the guides and watch the videos on our Construction Resource page.

Visit our Resource Page to learn how a construction ERP like Viewpoint can enhance collaboration within your company.


BIG hosts quarterly Viewpoint Users Groups for construction companies to learn more about customizing their Viewpoint implementation. Group meetings are held in the Baltimore and Philadelphia areas and are facilitated by experienced Viewpoint consultants.

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