August 6, 2019


Regardless of where business takes place, whether it’s from a core data center, private or public clouds, or edge locations, organizations need an infrastructure that can enhance the speed of business and follow data. Since computing happens anywhere data lives, organizations are aware of the need for multisite, distributed computing in order to address this challenge. By deploying Cisco HyperFlex systems, businesses can power any application, anywhere, on a hyperconverged infrastructure.

Cisco has created a complete solution specifically designed to cater to today’s computing landscape by adapting to meet new IT challenges as they continue to evolve. To efficiently deploy, monitor, and maintain modern applications, Cisco HyperFlex systems support a broad range of applications, remote locations, multi-cloud services, and edge-computing environments. The Cisco HyperFlex Edge enhances the powerful features of Cisco HyperFlex systems to smaller environments through a flexible, integrated solution that can be centrally located and maintained. Able to be deployed quickly and easily, the HyperFlex Edge minimizes complexity, provides flexible computing and storage while supporting always-on applications close to customers, employees, and data.

Cisco designed the HyperFlex Edge to address the “next frontier” of computing: placing it wherever customers and data live. For small to mid-sized businesses, Cisco HyperFlex Edge can become the core data center. Smaller organizations can implement the HyperFlex Edge with a usable capacity up to 26 TB, even while keeping 3 copies of the data.

For large organizations bringing their network to the edge, the largest challenge is managing the deployment and maintenance with scalability. If necessary, Cisco provides the automated Intersight platform that assists businesses in deploying, configuring, monitoring, maintaining, and managing by extending computing from the core data center to the cloud and edge.

Maintaining and updating Cisco HyperFlex is easy to do and requires minimal human interference. With a single click, multiple clusters across multiple sites can be upgraded without workload disruption. Cisco Intersight is continuously updated, ensuring the latest, most stable and secure version is always running.

With a broad range of capabilities able to meet all-sized businesses, Cisco HyperFlex systems make deploying any application, anywhere, while extending your reach a simple process. Your customers, employees, and data can now reach further than they have before through Cisco’s flexible, secure, easy-to-use platform, allowing remote employees easy access to data.

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