August 23, 2019

BIG: The Answer to Your Security Needs

Long gone are the days of installing malware software and believing all potential cyber security problems will be prevented. With the ever-changing and constantly increasing cyber threats that exist today, its crucial for organizations to take IT security as serious as possible. Nowadays, educating, training, and engaging employees on the continuous problem of social engineering prevents more cyber attacks from happening. The security company, KnowBe4, is the largest security awareness platform that educates and enables users to make smart security decisions that prevent social engineering from occurring. Business Information Group, a partner of KnowBe4 facilitates these capabilities for organizations, allowing them peace of mind their information is safe.

KnowBe4 is the next generation of security awareness training, and Business Information Group is at the forefront of aiding companies with implementing the software, educating employees on the importance of cyber-awareness, and consistently helping roll out cybersecurity training modules. Endless resources such as phishing simulations, interactive training, and a library of white papers and webinars are at users’ fingertips on the platform. The IT security company digs deep and provides knowledgeable insight into the world of cybersecurity, cyberattacks, and current events happening within the industry. Not only do the resources provide high-level definitions and real-world examples of social engineering methods, but they also present ways to prevent attacks from happening.

Let’s use phishing as an example. Phishing is one of the several malicious processes hackers use to obtain their target’s sensitive information. Going beyond presenting general definitions and examples, the security platform provides a detailed analysis including the history of phishing, an extensive list of phishing techniques, useful graphics, thorough examples of real-world and common phishing incidences, how to identify the technique, as well as a comprehensive list of preventative measures. The experts at Business Information Group take KnowBe4’s security platform and present cyber security information and resources in such a fashion that allows users to view phishing as a legitimate threat, promoting a security-driven and cautious thought process.

While reading blog posts and following webinars will indeed teach the seriousness of cybersecurity, it’s also important to know which users within your organization pose a threat to your network security. This integrated security platform has tools and assessments that test users on various social engineering attacks. Business Information Group facilitates the platform’s tools for organizations depending on their specific needs. For example, the Phish Security Test can be administered to 100 users, customized according to your working environment, and shows users which red flags were missed. The results are a percentage of employees that are most prone to being phished, as well as how you measure up with other organizations in your industry, with charts and graphics that present the data. In addition to the Phish Security Test, organizations can test employees on a wide array of cyber threats including password strength, USB security, and social media phishing. By administering these tests, organizations can evaluate which users are most vulnerable to social engineered attacks, provide interactive training accordingly, and get measurable results.

Without proper and continuous training, your users are still a threat to your network security. After taking the comprehensive training programs, users “stay on their toes, keeping security top of mind”, thanks to Kevin Mitnick, a computer security consultant, author, and former hacker. With his 30+ years of experience of first-hand hacking, he developed KnowBe4’s integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform. Business Information Group implements the intensive training within organizations with the goal of helping them to better manage the IT security issues that exist today. The training program is tailored specifically to your organization, focusing on the key areas that need reinforcement. With three levels of training access available, organizations have KnowBe4’s content library full of interactive modules, newsletters, and videos on-demand, whether you’re a small business or a large corporate organization. The training interface is user-friendly, engaging, and available in 15 languages, providing users with the ideal learning environment. The interface also has interactive features that can be customized for your organization, such as gamification, that allows users the ability to compete against coworkers while learning how to combat cyber-attacks. Creating and implementing IT security programs can be made easy with the help of Business Information Group, ensuring your employees are knowledgeable of potential threats and how to prevent them from happening.

Traditional security awareness tools are becoming outdated as more and more new, sophisticated social engineering techniques are on the rise. Hackers are manipulating and deceiving vulnerable users through the art of phishing, CEO Fraud, and tailgating, and it’s more pertinent than ever that organizations educate and train their employees to keep IT security at the top of their minds. By implementing a customized cyber security training program, organizations can provide their employees with vast resources to do just that. Interactive training, endless case studies, security assessments, and tools facilitate a learning environment specific to your organization’s needs that teach employees to be the strongest, most dependable firewall.

If you’re interested in implementing a powerful IT security training platform, contact Business Information Group today.