Business Process & Software Usage Assessments

Do you have the right processes in place for a construction company of your size? Are you using the full potential of your ERP and other software solutions?

Let Business Information Group give you a clear understanding of how your company can improve systems, processes, and technology through a Business Process or Software Usage Assessment.

Which Assessment is Right for You?

Depending on where you are in regards to your ERP “journey” will determine the assessment that is right for your firm. If you are currently considering a new ERP to streamline efficiencies and increase capabilities between the office, team and field the Business Process Assessment (BPA) is where you need to start. If you have already adopted your ERP of choice but know that you are just scratching the surface with capabilities, check out BIG’s Software Usage Assessment to help determine next best implementation steps so that you can maximize your investment.

About the Business Process Assessment

If you are like most growing construction companies, you probably have systems and processes in place that are outdated, inefficient or causing pain points within your company.

With a Business Process Assessment, a consultant from BIG will examine all areas of your business, including accounting, operations, payroll, and human resources. They will highlight pain points and risks with your current processes, make recommendations on improvements, and identify software and technology solutions that can be implemented to improve productivity and increase efficiency based on best practices.

This assessment will provide findings as well as recommendations and a road map to help guide you to determine what best next steps look like and if considering a new ERP is the best next step.

About the Software Usage Assessment

Moving from disjointed, outdated software systems to an ERP solution – like Viewpoint’s Vista or Spectrum – will automatically improve internal systems and processes. However, make sure you aren’t stopping there. Most companies adopt an ERP and implement the standard modules without creating a plan to continue to take advantage of the features and functions that are offered.

During a Software Usage Assessment, BIG’s software consultants will evaluate how well your systems and processes integrate with your ERP. BIG will identify areas of improvement and make recommendations for custom reports, integrations, or modules to add so your company continues to benefit from the adoption of an ERP. In the end, you will have an action plan for greater efficiency, improved financial and operational controls, and optimization of your technology investment.

BIG – Experienced Technology Consultants for AEC Companies

For the last 25+ years, Business Information Group has helped construction companies do more with technology. Working with thousands of AEC companies across the United States, BIG’s team of consultants and developers have an intimate knowledge of the processes and software solutions that are proven to work for the construction industry. Trust BIG to guide you in implementing industry-leading practices to improve your team’s efficiency and collaboration.

Converting and importing data from legacy accounting software into Vista and Spectrum

Training and implementation of Vista and Spectrum, and supporting modules and products

Crystal and SSRS reporting

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