Transforming Construction Operations with Vista at Pearson Construction

Pearson Construction is a heavy highway construction company based in Kansas, specializing in purchasing raw materials and asphalt for construction projects. Established in 2014, the company has grown to employ 400 individuals, managing a substantial annual revenue of $150 million.

Role of Sharla French

Sharla French, the Viewpoint Administrator at Pearson Construction, has been actively involved in the construction industry since 2009. With a background in contract administration and finance, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the company’s financial processes.

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Viewpoint Implementation

Challenges Before Implementing Viewpoint Vista

Prior to adopting Viewpoint Vista, Pearson Construction faced significant challenges due to the absence of a comprehensive ERP system. With an antiquated system designed for a much smaller workforce, the company struggled with job costing, tracking, and financial reporting. Without a structured system, the construction company relied on manual processes, including Excel spreadsheets, paper-based workflows, and a lack of visibility into critical financial and project data.

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Journey to Vista Implementation

Pearson Construction’s journey towards implementing Viewpoint Vista began with the recognition of the need for a modern and efficient ERP solution. Sharla French had prior experience with Vista, and the familiarity with the product, along with its capabilities, prompted the decision to move forward with the ERP solution. Recommendations from industry peers, including a referral from Seth Belt, Accounting Business Analyst with Sherwood Companies, and discussions with other companies using Business Information Group BIG post-acquisition, further solidified their choice.

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The Buying Process

The buying process was described as “awesome” by Sharla French, with positive interactions and support from Mark Cloeren, Senior Software Consultant of BIG. The decision to work with BIG was influenced by their confidence in the product and the trust built during the selection process.

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Implementation and Impact of Vista

Viewpoint Vista was rolled out at Pearson Construction in July 2023, impacting various departments within the organization, including office staff, estimators, contractor admins, material sales, and equipment management. The implementation involved comprehensive training sessions conducted by Mark Cloeren.

The impact of Vista on Pearson Construction has been transformative. The company, which previously lacked the ability to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), now benefits from a streamlined, efficient, and paperless process. Estimators can access real-time data, payroll processes are simplified, and the portal functionality for W2s has improved accessibility.

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