June 3, 2020

Passportal Keeps Your Organization’s Systems Secure

Are you still storing your important credentials in an Excel spreadsheet on your computer? If so, that method of password management is no longer secure or safe from cyber threats. We know – it can be daunting to figure out how to properly manage every single password an organization possesses in a secure way. Credential organization, if not done properly, can be time consuming, cumbersome, and can even put an entire organization at risk. However, there are easy to manage, secure solutions available and Business Information Group trusts Passportal for our clients’ password management.

There are several factors of password management that Passportal addresses and which go beyond just storing passwords. First and foremost, it helps keep businesses safe from cyber-threats and hackers. Secure, strong passwords are the key to keeping important information and sensitive data from being stolen. Within Passportal, users can generate strong, complex passwords for accounts, helping to prevent the same password from being used across multiple platforms. Once the complex password is created, Passportal stores it within the user’s vault from which it can be referred to at any time. You might be thinking, “how are employees supposed to remember auto generated, alphanumeric passwords that are 16 characters long?” With one-click logins, credentials are automatically inserted, making it that much easier for users to utilize these complex passwords. The web browser plug-in also adds an additional level of secure convenience. The comprehensive security of Passportal is one of many reasons why BIG relies on the password manager to store and generate not only our clients’ passwords, but our employees’ as well.

Let’s take a look at another important factor – the control capabilities within Passportal. Right now, are you aware of exactly which employees have access to your businesses’ accounts, systems, and databases? Unless the answer is “absolutely”, it is time to consider a password manager that provides advanced access controls, such as Passportal. The platform brings password management a step further with granular access control that is configured by the security team at Business Information Group. With this level of control, employers can designate and manage which employees have access to your organization’s important systems.

Another factor to consider is password control and automation. For instance, in the event an employee leaves your organization and has access to important systems, it is of utmost importance to ensure they no longer have access to such accounts. Passportal makes it extremely easy to terminate access to systems, giving you peace of mind that all systems will remain secure even after an employee’s departure. Additionally, with password change automation, passwords can be set to automatically expire and automatically have new passwords generated. This added layer of security for password protection and management is just another reason Business Information Group recommends Passportal.

Ready to move away from that Excel spreadsheet? We thought so. The level of security and simplicity of Passportal keeps your organization’s passwords protected, gives you control of access to systems, and ensures employees are using complex, strong passwords to protect their accounts, adding yet another layer of security. If you are ready to discuss how to properly manage and protect passwords with a secure password management service, contact Business Information Group today. Our security team is ready to help you minimize risk and better protect your business.