OSS Health

York, PA

OSS Health, located in York, Adams and Cumberland County is committed to providing the highest quality orthopedic healthcare available—anywhere. From diagnosis and treatment to recovery and rehabilitation, OSS Health was founded on the beliefs that they can build a better healthcare experience.


OSS Health has 6 locations and 550 employees to manage. From a security and compliance perspective this can be challenging. Spam was a constant inconvenience for employees when inboxes were receiving messages that shouldn’t have passed through the existing filter. Protecting the network is a constant priority and the existing spam filter was creating vulnerabilities.


OSS and BIG have partnered for years, and when these concerns were identified, Mike Nitchman, Vice President of Networking Services for BIG, introduced Barracuda as a solution. Barracuda Networks offers industry leading solutions to solve mainstream IT problems efficiently and cost effectively.


OSS implemented the Barracuda Spam Filter which has been very powerful. It blocks what is necessary without falsely restricting and without creating productivity concerns. The Barracuda Spam Filter created such a level of comfort and ease of use that OSS also ended up implementing the Barracuda Web Filter which has provided a peace of mind for OSS as it’s scanning most of the traffic before it even hits the network, it’s become OSS’s first line of defense. In addition, OSS had identified a need, for legal reasons, to be able to retrieve email communication while reducing storage requirements, for this
reason they leaned on the Barracuda Message Archiver which has worked out really well for eDiscovery and compliance.