Yazoo Mills Modernizes Office with Wireless Connectivity

For the last 117 years, Yazoo Mills has been one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of paper tubes and cores. Based in New Oxford, PA, Yazoo Mills produces an average of 4 million inches of tubing per day.

yazoo mills
  • Project: Yazoo Mills
  • Location: New Oxford, PA
  • Services: Wireless Network Infrastructure


Yazoo Mills is a forward-thinking company, with recent investments made to create a LEED-certified, state-of-the-art facility. Yet their office space lacked much-needed wireless connectivity. Yazoo Mills reached out to BIG Wireless to conduct a network survey and design a WiFi system for their offices.


By adding WiFi to their offices, the Yazoo Mills team has become more mobile, using laptops and mobile devices to collaborate. BIG Wireless also installed a Webex Board, so Yazoo Mills can host and receive video conferencing. And, since the network includes cloud-managed equipment, the entire network can be remotely monitored and managed.

With a solid wireless network infrastructure, BIG is working with the Yazoo Mills team to come up with security policies for mobile devices to keep everything secure.

As part of this project, BIG Wireless also conducted a wireless site survey for the facility’s manufacturing and warehouse space. For the next phase of the project, BIG Wireless will add WiFi to these facilities, so Yazoo Mills can begin modernizing and upgrading its equipment and processes.

"The wireless project with BIG was a fun endeavor that’s had a big impact on how we communicate. No wireless connectivity meant no connection choices…it’s a cable or nothing! Now we have network mobility in our office, we can share through our Webex apps, and have great audiovisuals with the Webex Boards. Our staff loves using the whiteboard for meetings and the clear picture we now get when viewing spreadsheets and our ERP software. BIG Wireless made this project easy, from the initial demo of different products to the final install of the APs and setup of the Boards. Their staff is knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to get the answers to questions. I highly recommend!"

Michell Trish Controller, Yazoo Mills

Project Details

Implementation Date: March 2019

Equipment Used

Cisco / Meraki

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