Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi has many choices and options: 802.11n, 802.11ac, cloud based network, controller based network and the list continues to grow. BIG Wireless helps to select these options by understanding use of existing network, current and future network expectations as well as network growth and applications in an effort to provide the best possible coverage and connectivity experience. BIG Wireless provides reliable Wi-Fi coverage solutions for cable carriers, stadiums, airports, malls, and any large location where people congregate, indoor or outdoor. 

BIG Wireless offers the following Wi-Fi Support:

  • Survey and Design
  • Propagation Modeling
  • Installation
  • Turn Up and Testing
  • Post Installation Support
  • Wi-Fi Managed Services

Solution Considerations

Mobile device connectivity is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity; whether standing in a park watching a local sporting event, shopping in a mall, or working in an office, your mobile device must be connected in order to push and pull data.  Lack of connectivity contributes to lost revenue and productivity. BIG Wireless helps to design, engineer, install and maintain the appropriate Wi-Fi solution in order to meet networks needs and demands.

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